Friday, April 30, 2004

Kentucky Derby

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby! This year I am outsourcing my Kentucky Derb stuff... to Boy Genius. After all his blog's tagline reads: random thoughts and thoroughbred selections. And that's his poker blog too!

My Picks for Saturday is a great start. BG also give us tips on "what to do with $50"... here's a bit:
Two Trifecta Wheels:

8 (Master David), 11 (The Cliff's Edge), 12 (Borrego), 18 (Tapit) WITH 8/11/12/18 WITH 3 (Lionheart) = $12

Repeat, with Lionheart keyed into Place, with 8/11/12/18 surrounding = $12

With the $26 remaining, take $5 to Win fliers on the following horses: Pollard's Vision, Friends Lake, Borrego, Read The Footnotes, Birdstone

Prices should be pretty healthy on these five, returning $60-$150 if they win.
Thanks BG! Also you should read his other entries on the Kentucky Derby.

Pauly's Picks:
1. Tapit
2. The Cliff's Edge
3. Read the Footnotes

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