Thursday, April 22, 2004

Schanzer Speaks on Iraqi Violence

Jon Schanzer recently published an article called: IRAQI VIOLENCE: SHI'I-SUNNI COLLISION OR COLLUSION? for the latest issue of Policy Watch. He blogged his article which he co-authored with Ryan Philips to his blog. Here's a bit:
The collusion between Iraqi Shi'i and Sunni elements took many by surprise. After all, dominance by the minority Sunnis over the majority, downtrodden Shi'i population has generated mistrust and hatred for almost a century. A recently intercepted memo from al-Qaeda associate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi even revealed plans to exploit this historical friction by prompting internecine conflict between the two communities. While the most recent example of Shi'i-Sunni collusion against U.S. forces in Iraq was brief, the situation will require careful monitoring. A historical precedent of significant Shi'i-Sunni cooperation does exist both in Iraq and in other parts of the region.
As always, another great read from Schanzer.

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