Thursday, April 08, 2004

I Love Getting Blogged...

Playing with Pauly is the latest entry on Chris Halverson's Blog as I have now become a cult figure in Minnesota! Here's a bit:
Suddenly I pay a bit more attention to who is at one of my tables. It's none other than Pauly! Wow! I have an almost WPT qualifier gracing my presence at the 50/1 table!

Pauly went down a bit and then showed the table why he belongs at the WPT as he went on a big run. I continued on my good run there and thankfully we weren't in too many pots together...
I wasn't going to play last night but I saw that Chris was playing so I decided to sit in with him for a few minutes. I got some great cards. Hey, have a great time in Vegas this weekend, Chris.

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