Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gone to Pot: I Wanna Party with This Girl...

NYU Pot Princess Perky After Bust... as a 18 year old student was busted for dealing out of her dorm room. She even ripped off the undercover cops she was selling to. Now that's fuckin' funny. Here's a bit:
She repeatedly sold marijuana, cocaine, acid and hallucinogenic mushrooms to undercover cops, even after being busted for pot possession in New Jersey, prosecutors said.

The budding pusher was so bold, she routinely shorted the narcs — once giving a cop an eighth of an ounce of marijuana and charging him for half an ounce...
And the last line made me chuckle:
Diaco's arrest was the talk of NYU, where students said it was obvious something fishy had been going on in her dorm room. "I was kind of surprised it took until the end of April," said one freshman who lives on her floor. "Today might be the first day in a few months that the entire floor won't smell like pot."

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