Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sports Roundup: NFL Draft Day 2 & Tonight's Best Bet

The NY Jets have 10 picks. Their first round pick yesterday was Jonathan Vilma, a linebacker from Miami. Some folks are scorning the NY Giants for trading too many picks to get #1 pick Eli Manning.

I watched a lot of NBA playoff hoops in Vegas and been paying close attention to the spreads and betting lines. Today, I like Houston +3 1/2 against the LALA Lakers. Yao Ming is playing tough against Shaq. And fuck Kobe and Big Chief Triangle. Take Van Guny, Yao, Steve Franics and the Rockets at home. Check out this article: Fading the Lakers for Fun and Profit.

The Knicks play the Nets tonight. They ain't going anywhere. And the Yankees suck. They can't hit.

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