Thursday, April 29, 2004

Poker on The OC

Wow. It was so cool to see poker collide with pop culture, during a scene on the new hot show The OC, in an episode where the guys went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Ryan was playing Texas Hold'em with a truck driver and he won a huge pot with pocket Aces. I think he had a fullboat Aces over Kings. OK, what did you expect for network TV? And yeah, what's Vegas without a hooker scene?

Editor's Note: OK... I posted the above entry to the Tao of Poker and it stirred some debate among poker bloggers. They just don't chat about poker. Check out the full comments if you like. Here's the highlights:
Bot Genius wrote: "That hooker was my type of girl. Deliciously thick. Yum. And I have a hard time deciding if Aunt Haley is hot or not. Shes got a weird hairline, and semi-mongoloidal features. But somehow, she makes it work..."
OK, of course I had to respond... and here's what I wrote:
Haley's hot for sure... she needs a new hair style, but I think they gave her the bangs to cove rup her HUGE forehead. I have a weakness for cokehead strippers like Homer Simpson has for Duff and jelly donuts. However, I don't think she's as hot as the other chicks.

1. Summer
2. Theresea
3. Marissa
4. Haley
5. Anna
6. Seth's Mom

Ah, Summer... I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. Wow.
And yes... more debate on the hotness of the chicks on The OC. I got a quick answer from Boy Genius. He responded:
Just on my tastes alone:

1. Anna
2. Summer (gets knocked down a point because my cousin is her doppelganger)
3. Teresa
4. Seth's mom
5. Marissa
6. Julie Cooper
7. Haley

I'd have to wedge Bonnie Somerville (the blonde lawyer hitting on Sandy at the new firm) in there at about #3, right above Teresa. And the hooker from last night, because of the bad hair, would be right about #4 behind Teresa.
Amen, brother. I decided to change my original list and move Anna past Haley. Coked up stripper or not... Anna's a spicy banana!

By the way, BG will you introduce me to your cousin (aka Summer lookalike) if I promise you 5% of my future WPT earnings?

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