Sunday, April 25, 2004

Genocide in the Sudan

On her blog yesterday, Ingrid pointed out Jim Moore's blog, and more specifically his entry called More on using blogs and the net to stop a genocide in progress. Here's a bit of what Jim wrote:
I am writing to invite you to join together to witness to and stop a genocide. The genocide is happenng right now in Sudan, as we speak, in the area known as Darfur.  Despite the Sudanese government's trying to cover it up--by blocking press and NGO access (e.g. an Al Jazeera reporter was put in prison last week for trying to report), as well as using as surrogates "private militias" that are government supplied, the word is getting out.  But not enough is being done, not enough world attention is flowing into witness and intervention, and the aid and human rights organizations in the area need money for supplies and transportation and communication.
Here's the only news blurb on the Sudan incident.... Sudan: Government and Militias Conspire in Darfur Killings. And here's a bit of that article:
The janjaweed are no longer simply militias supported by the Sudanese government. These militias work in unison with government troops, with total impunity for their massive crimes. Human Rights Watch has documented dozens of attacks by Arab militias, known as janjaweed, in almost a month of research inside Darfur.
Let's hope that this matter gets more attention.

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