Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Last 12 Shows...

I realized that I saw the last 12 shows that Phish played... starting back in the end of the summer tour.... 2 shows in Philly, 2 shows at the IT festival in Maine... the "20th Anniversary shows" on the East Coast in Long Island, Philly, Albany, and Boston... of ocurse, the 4 shows in Miami for the NYE run... and now the next three in Vegas. That might be a personal record for Pauly. I must consult my former tour mates and buddies... but I'm sure either 8 or 10 consecutive shows is my former record. Insane, huh?

I must say, that I caught 6 amazing shows in that run (2 kick ass shows!) with the rest of them all solid. Phish has been playing some of their best shit since Japan 2000. That's been my incentive to see more shows.

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