Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flashback: 5 Random C64 Games

By Pauly
New York City

When I was in high school, I was rocking a Commodore 64. My friends and I traded copied games (via floppy disks). I used to hustle a few bucks selling popular games for $3!

My brother and I chatted about some of our favorites. YouTube is cluttered with nostalgic videos about games from my youth that spent endless hours wasting away playing game with horrible graphics. Well, I spent some more time looking up these games via YouTube.

Here's video of five of my favorite C64 games: Jumpman, Mission Impossible, Commando, Summer Games and Winter Games, and Dr. J vs. Larry Bird.

This is a high concept game... a simple figure named Jumpman that jumps and flies around ladders and girders trying to gobble up coin-like items...

The evil robots from Impossible Mission used to give me nightmares, but I loved the ability to do backflips and piece together puzzles...

Then there's Commando, which had a cool feature in which you could throw grenades at your enemies...

Summer Games (and Winter Games) was a popular because you could choose different nations (and listen to national anthems). Of course, we liked to play the villain and take the USSR. Platform diving was always my favorite and equestrian also tilted me....

Our favorite game? Dr J vs. Larry Bird. If you took Larry, you would never miss a three-pointer, but you could break the backboard with Dr. J and a guy with a broom would come out and sweep sway the shards of glass.

Man, I could go all night long reminiscing about some of these games, but I spent a few hours with my brother pulling up YouTube videos of some of our favorite C64 games. I'm going to have bizarre dreams that have cheesy 24-bit soundtracks. A few that just missed the cut... Bruce Lee, Ghostbusters, Aztec Challenge, Crystal Castles, Spy vs. Spy, Spyhunter and Raid Over Moscow.

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