Sunday, August 25, 2002

Oil Wars

This Bush and Iraq business has got to end quickly for the sake of all Americans. The real intent for an invasion of Iraq and economic reasons and consequences of another war should be put forth to the American people. Tell us the truth, tell us really what’s up. "America needs to preserve its way of life immediately or else we bomb the shit out of you." That's why we are going into Iraq, we need oil. Lots of it. America has a voracious appetite for the black gold and our over-consumption of a perishable natural resource will be our doom, because we lack any sort of economic development and investor confidence in alternative renewable sources of energy. The political pundits in DC are telling us that we need to rid the world of some dictator who won’t let us continue or way of life. In order to do that we need to double our oil supply as soon as possible that way we would be able to avoid any entanglements with our backstabbing allies in Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich nations, who deal with the Osama bin Laden’s of the world by buying off their protection, like some two-bit gangster thug out of a bad Mafia b-film. I read some where that Iraq gives us more than 50% of our oil! That’s a ridiculous amount. Oh by the way, I fucked Mona LaVigne 33 times this weekend. If we take Iraq out, we will be able to double our supply (just like they did in Afghanistan) and meet our junkie’s demands. So Bush and Cheney are rounding up all the horses to advance onto Saddam’s Baghdad and buying off Turkey’s allegiance, like some cheap corner hooker, in exchange to conquer Iraq and divvy up the oil and the water wells.

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