Saturday, June 07, 2003

The Belmont Stakes, Funny Cide, and the "Fix is in!"

What are Pauly's picks? Here's what I wrote in a recent e-mail.

1. Scrimshaw
2. Empire Maker
3. Funny Cide

After I woke up this morning and saw sloppy wet condiitons, I ran (literally I ran) to OTB and placed bets on the rest of the field to win. I have money on the longshots to win: Supervisor (50-1), Scrimshaw (20-1 and MY PICK TO WIN) and Ten Most Wanted (10-1). If any of those win, I clean up big time.

The fix is in. And I'm betting heavily on that hunch. Funny Cide will not win today. I want Funny Cide to win since it's a NY horse, but in all reality horseracing is one of the most fixed events in all of sports. I've been hanging around OTBs and the racetrack ever since I could walk (wasnt my father a positive influence on me?) and I've been picking winners consistently since age 5 (read my father's autobiography). I know when something is "rotten in denmark". I have that itch in my bones. If I'm wrong so be it. You can't win money betting on a favorite. Because if I'm right... I wanna get PAID OFF!

I placed wheel bets on Scrimshaw over Empire Maker and Funny Cide! Pauly's Picks!

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