Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Phish 7.7.03 Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

Set 1: Stash, Sample in a Jar, Billy Breathes, Waves, Spices*, Anything But Me, David Bowie, Dirt, Possum

Set 2: Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Scents & Subtle Sounds*, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > Walls of the Cave, Prince Caspian

Encore: Character Zero

* New Song, first time played

Notes: This show was not sold out. Half the lawn seats were empty and reserved seating looked like 80-85% filled. It was tough to get rid of extras. Everyone had extras to sell it seemed. Tickets were going for $5 on e-Bay! We had two extras wchich we were lucky to find someone from Montana with $20 and nugs to trade. Stash opener was good. Highlight in Set 1 was Waves, my favorite song on the new CD. Possum was great! Mike finally woke up and he was wearing that ugly yellow shirt of his. I don't like the new song Scents & Subtle Sounds. I couldn't wait until it ended. Walls of the Cave to close was the highlight of the set. First set was much better than Set 2. In the lots, the vendors were taking a huge hit... not too much money going around the tour these days. And without a sell out, it was tough to make any money. Molly bumped into a few friends from Texas, including one girl she used to be a cheerleader with many moons ago.

It was hot as fuck in Phoenix. Might have been one of the hottest days I ever saw Phish. I mean in Vegas it was 110, but managaeble. In El Paso it was 105, but breezy! Arizona... whew. I couldn't handle it! Too hot, y'all!

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