Friday, July 11, 2003

Setlist for.... the Phish!!

7.10.03 Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA

Set 1: Spices > Waves, Reba, Lawn Boy, Moma Dance, Antelope

Set 2: 46 Days, Divided Sky, Friday, Free > Seven Below, Velvet Sea, 2001, Down w/ Disease

Encores: Rift, Character Zero

Notes: Another kick ass show!! It was my 120th show.... :) but who's counting right? I haven't seen two back to back nights in one city like that since Vegas & Albany (fall tour in 2000) and defintely since the Deer Creek 3 show run in the summer of 2000. Phish busted out the heavy hitters: Reba, Antelope, Divided Sky, 2001, DwD... and they played some of my favorite songs: Waves, Lawnboy, MoMA Dance, 46 Days, Free & Zero. I can't decide what was a better show.... I'm leaning towards the first night (I'm still feeling that 30 minute Gin, YEM to open, Boogie On, AC/DC Bag, Mike's > Groove, Loving Cup!).

Last night was fucking solid, despite some rough edges (Reba to start was kinda choppy and flat, but they kicked it into "high gear" and jammed that fucker out!) Moma Dance was 110% pure Phishy funk. Mike Gordon was going off.... and I was so fucking wasted that I forgot what city I was in for a few songs!! I bumped into a google of Japanese heads... one guy knew me from the TOKYO shows!!! He was friends of freinds of the guys in Horse!

I saw a couple of repeats: Spices & Zero... (I missed DwD in Chula Vista). I KNOW they'll play Scents & Subtle Sounds again at the Gorge. Maybe I'll start to like it? No Bill Walton or random Dead sightings at the show.

The biggest surprise was: DIVIDED SKY! I thought they'd save it for the Gorge.... which means they definitely play Punch You in the Eye & Makisupa Policeman up there. The Gorge is ny favorite outdoor venue to see a concert and to see Phish.

3 shows down, 2 more to go on my west coast swing.... We leave for portland very soon. :)

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