Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On the Road: California Bound

I wrote over 5,000 words on Sunday that I published on two of my blogs. It was closer to 7K, but I cut a bit out of both. After finishing up a slew of articles this week, I was simply tired and did nothing on Monday. No heavy writing and I blew off whatever business calls I had scheduled. I can do that today en route to the airport.

I tried to play poker for a living instead of writing and I won a hefty $11. At least I didn't lose. I've been stuck in the worst losing streak of my life and I'm finally pulling out of it. The last time I had a big score was when I was in LA with Grubby the day I found out my grandmother died. I had a nice run at the tables. I'm hoping that California is the place where I can officially snap out of my losing funk.

In news of the freaky, Dick Cheney shot a buddy during a hunting trip. Yeah.... right! He mistook him for a duck.

They (those experts) say it was the second largest snow storm ever on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was in college in Atlanta during 1993 when the biggest fucker hit. So techically this was the largest snow storm I ever saw in my life. For some reason I think I've seen it worse. At least once when I was a kid and back in 1996 we got a bad one. Oh well. I was at a concert when it first started to snow and it didn't seem to bad walking around at 2am. When I woke up around 11am, I saw the snowdrift up against my window.

Skippy was in town and posted a NYC blizzard gallery. Take a peek.

Saturday nights are always an interesting time on the subway. People are going out getting hammered, couples are coming back from dates, and the extra freaky people seem to come out late nights. Since it was the blizzard, the subway was crowded even more so. A bald woman wearing a very large black down coat also carried a bible. She thumbed through it and tried to drain out the sounds of two street performers. They were a duo, both with mini-guitars and the two very short guys were Mexican. They sang two quick ballads in between subway stops. A girl who wore a bright green sweater, who looked like Alanis Morissette, chomped down on a green apple as she politely listened to the music. She dug into her purse to get out $2 for a tip when they were done.

Two young high school lesbians sat in the far end near me. They took turns reading several pages from a play. One of them was taller than me with a bright pink scarf and matching mittens. The other one was petite with a dark gray woolen hat. She sipped a Starbucks cup and had a pleasant voice with soft words. Her girlfriend tried to attract the most attention because she overdramaticized her lines to the point where I considered getting up and switching seats. In the farthest end I could hear the squeals of a sick baby. I knew the kid was sick because it wasn't a normal cry of a baby. That baby was hurting and the rest of the train was flooded by a somber tone.

Moving on...

I'm proud of my brother. He writes for a corporate blog and a second story of his was picked up by AOL, which fed it to their base of members/readers. And the coolest part is that he doesn't even care about that kind of attention! I get off on that kinda stuff but he doesn't. That's why he's the consumate team player. I know that we're both still miffed that the same fucktards exploited Wil (who also writes for the same site as Derek) so it's bittersweet.

Bucknell finally made it into the Top 25
for the coach's poll. How about that? That's Derek's team too. Oh yeah and the Knicks still suck.

The Olympics are fun but the coverage is horrible. Betting on random events is the only thing making it interesting this year. Of course, I'm down.

The Joker and I already secured tckets for Bonnaroo 2006. I can't wait. I haven't been since the first one. Cost me $209 and I haven't even gotten to Tennessee yet.

I watched an awful reality TV show this weekend featuring Lisa Loeb. She went on a blind date and made some dude pay $300 for a bunch of crap she got at a containers store. She seemed funny but I noticed she's one of those "think out loud talkers." You know the people I'm talking about, those who turn on their internal dialouge and you hear them prattle off on useless bullshit. They are tough to get stoned with because they yap the entire time. Anyway, she's sexy in that nerdy/freaky/artsy chick kinda way. I'd still hit it.

I leave for LA soon. I'll be in California for two weeks investigating the poker scene and trying to crash a few Hollyweird parties. It was 80 degrees yesterday and I can't wait for some warm weather since I've been freezing my ass off in bitterly cold NYC. Lucky for me, I get to crash with Change100 and live the slacker life for two weeks. Ah, she sent me this funny link about life in Hollyweird.

Recent Writing Music...
1. Thelonius Monk with John COltrane
2. The Wood Brothers
3. Galactic
4. Bob Dylan with the Band
5. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

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