Sunday, February 12, 2006

Recent Tao of Pauly Google Referrals
1. where to buy a parrot in dc metro area
2. girls gagging on dog dick
3. big butt hippie chick porn picture gallery
4. girls learn how to give blowjobs
5. pauly from rocky the movie pictures
6. step by step how to make, cook crystal meth
7. girls fucking goats
8. my true sex confessions of how i fucked my sister
9. Steve Danneman killed a hooker
10. mike sexton hairpiece
I always knew that my readers were an eclectic bunch. I love the fact that some dude who wants to start up his own homemade crystal meth lab ended up on this site. There's a large number of people seeking pictures of girls with animals such as dogs and goats. Very interesting indeed.

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