Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Florida Wins Back-to-Back Championships; Stoner Blonde Chick Wins Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool; Hell to Freeze Over

These are considered unofficial stats. They become official when I get back to the States.
Money Winners in Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool:
1 Capt. Tom and the P.O.B.s (Change100 aka Nicky) 1330
2 Jack Tripper Stole My Dog (Pauly) 1320
3 The Marcus Hookers (Schanzer) 1290
4 Logan's Run (Gracie) 1230
Yes, not only did two chicks place in the money, Nicky won it all. She had Oral Roberts going deep until I scolded her. Unreal. I lost by 10 friggin' points. Congrats to both chicks in the pool for cashing. Nicky takes home a cool $400. Lucky mofo.

At least Florida covered and I won a few dollars after losing about 3K in Vegas last weekend. Since I arrived in Monte Carlo, I have not gambled much. I lost 41 Euros playing poker late last night/early this morning with Otis and some drunken Brits and one wild Swede. I managed to win 2 out of 3 Final Four Games and cleaned up on prop bets with Otis and with other bloggers/journalists in media row at the European Poker Tour Championships. I schooled the British media, Snoopy from Blonde Poker and Stephen from Gutshot, although I lost smaller bets to the Norwegian and French press.

Here's a pic of Snoopy settling his debt. He's not happy:

I leave Monte Carlo in a few hours. I fly from Nice to Amsterdam where I shall disapear for a few days and unplug. Can't wait.

Here's the Poker News article that I wrote for the EPT Championships called: Gavin Griffin Wins EPT Grand Finale. For a second year in a row, an American won the biggest tournament in Europe. The winner took home 1.8 million Euros. Lucky fucker.

That's it. Signing off from Monte Carlo.

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