Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some Friends

Good friend Jon Schanzer has a new job in DC and he has been cranking out several excellent articles. Check out his latest two. One is a book review of Global Financial Warriors:
Freezing Terror
Iran's Influence Threatens Sunnis

My buddy BTroetch is in Antartica on a scientific expedition. He's been keeping us in the loop by posting videos to You Tube. His adventures are wild. He even takes a Polar Plunge and jumps into the Antartic Ocean. The dude is crazy! And his videos are great which include some amazing snapshots.

Here's his latest video:

Click here to watch Alan's latest video.

And lastly, Brandon Schaefer has been in Europe the past few weeks. We hung out for a bit in Monte Carlo. Stop by his blog to see some random pics of his adventures in Belgium.

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