Friday, October 26, 2007

Go Schecky and I'm a Stud

By Pauly
Melbourne, Australia

My good friend (and boss) won a tournament last night. Schecky took down Event #4 of the Poker News Cup for a nice $30K first place prize. We gave him shit last week before his wife, the lovely Jen Leo, won a tournament at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and he had nothing to show for it... until now. Schecky answered us by winning an event in Australia.

Here's the picture I took moments after his victory. Several co-workers from Poker News are in the photo.

I've covered hundreds of poker tournaments but this was the first time a close friend won one. Nice job, Schecky!

* * * * *

I dropped a few pounds sine my arrival. Eating one meal a day will do that to you. Last night, Nicky asked, "Where did your belly go?"

Been too busy to eat which is why I've been feeling sluggish. It seemed like I worked longer hours during my assignment in Oz in January, but I managed to squeeze in two meals per day. These days, I can only manage one.

I finally got some sleep. Six hours last night. That's double the norm for me. Imagine getting 14-16 hours if you sleep a regular 7-8 hour day. That's why I got. Schecky gave me an Ambien and I got six straight. Unreal. I felt like a new man when I woke up.

I forgot the World Series was on TV (it comes on at 10am in Oz). I didn't bother to put it on. Instead, I watched NHL hockey and The Blues Brothers. I forgot how much I loved that movie.

FYI, Shronk is the nut low. He asked me to write that. Weird, I know.

* * * * *

Michele Lewis, a friend of mine from Texas, recently interviewed me for her Studs of Poker column. I was flattered that she picked me! Check out Tao of Poker Creator, Pauly, Is a Stud.

Although it's my day off, I had to help out with work. I wanted to play poker, but that didn't happen. Instead I put in a few extra hours. For free of course. Three more days of work, then I'm done. For the entire year. Two months off. I definitely need the break.

I bumped into Aussie Smurf. He's an avid reader from Melbourne and had a work function at the casino. He found me and was kind enough to buy me a shout (or a round as they call it down under). Great conversation for sure.

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