Monday, October 22, 2007


By Pauly
Melbourne, Australia

It's 10:21pm on Monday night and I'm dead tired. I got 90 minutes of sleep last night. I had problems sleeping. I tried to sleep but I had too many thoughts rattling around my head about the latest online poker scandal. My head was on the pillow and Nicky was fast asleep, but my mind was cranking... and I was writing a draft internally. At that point, I jumped out of bed and headed to the laptop. I wrote something that I didn't like and started from scratch. Next I knew, it was sunrise. You can read that post called Cheaters, Thieves, and Angle Shooters.

I had the TV on in the background. I had to watch the Tampa Bay/Detroit game because that's what Fox Sports was showing at the time. It was weird watching the NFL at 5am on a Monday, but that's what I was doing.

I tried to sleep and no such luck. Nicky woke up at 10am and I watched Sunday night football. ESPN-Australia aired the NBC feed so I watched the Denver/Pittsburgh game and switched back and forth with the ALCS game 7. I had money on the Indians. The money line was +160 for them to win the series and I dropped a grand on the tribe. It looked like a lock a few days ago when they were up 3-1. But the Sox won three straight and my bet went south. Quickly.

I'm at work right now, on a break. Looks like I'll be working to 3 or 4am. I can't wait to sleep.

By the way, I was asked by a friend of mine to particpate in something called The Well. Tom Murphy is a friend of mine that I met several years ago through poker. He's from Ireland and runs a site called Antes Up which caters to Irish poker players. He also runs a forum and they have a running series called The Well, where they invite someone in and their members ask a series of questions. Sometimes it last for a few days. Sometimes it lasts for over a week. The questions start out with basic poker stuff and eventually branch out into other topics.

Anyway, check out my session in The Well.

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