Saturday, February 02, 2008

Aussie Inside Jokes - The Video

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I worked for PokerNews for a little over a year. During that run, I had the pleasure with working with different people from all over the world (including Holland, the UK, Portugal, and New Zealand), but primarily in Australia since the company is based down under in Melbourne. Everyone is cool and has a great sense of humor. The video I'm posting exhibits that.

While away on assignment, I'm always around the multimedia team headed up by Shronk and now Tom. Basically someone from PokerNews like Schecky or Tiffany (and now Amanda) would interview a poker pro on the sidelines and PokerNews would video tape it. One day, some random person would walk through the shot in the background while talking on their cellphone. After a while, my fellow PokerNews employees would attempt the same feat and randomly walk through the background - without getting caught by the cameraman or interviewer. The inside joke caught on and we really had fun with it during the Aussie Millions.

Tom spliced together bits of our hijinks in a video titled PokerNews Team Wants to Be Famous. Check it out...

You have to click through to the Tao of Pauly to view the video vis RSS or Bloglines...

I'm in this video a couple of times. Can you find me? Anyway, I have watched this a dozen times already and it always makes me laugh. Thanks for Tom for splicin' it together. Enjoy!

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