Friday, March 04, 2011

Disjointed - Dead Battery, Contaminated Magnolia Tree

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Dead battery
Contaminated Magnolia tree
Sloshed starlet slipped
Underneath the pollution-tweaked smug smoggy sunset
Short bus winds through the hills
Touristy tours to gawk at mansions and the
Ubiquitous Hollywood sign
Dragged down from the mountain top
Stained towels from No-tell motels
Passed out at the front desk
Empty bottle of gin rattling around the trash bin
World-famous for 15 minutes.
Yet world-infamous for decades.
Bloody gums triggered by the sadist
Controlling the grinding dentist's drill
The salty aftertaste
Amplitude of silence sounds
Misguided derivatives of conceptual art
Entwined pastiche of money grubbers, hanger-ons, and other parasitic wanna-bes
Acquisition of cash is secondary
The vitality of the moment is primal
Entwined fantasies driven by vanity
Circulated pamphlets by the self-righteous
Whom offer salvation for two hours a week
But you have to pay cash -- up front
While the enlightened Plutocrats lurk in the shadows
Wandering down corridors of marble
Remnants from the Gilded Age
Whimsical organisms
Inert government workers, slogging along at a luxurious snail's pace
Denying their fragile customers a broad range of plastic experiences
Sophistication behind the daily mass feedings of the slanted zombies
The off-the-rack suit-wearing middle managers bemoan
The decelerated production process
The cluttered pathways and
No new prospects irked the Oligarchs
Network of the wealthy is paved with gold, platinum, and other precious metals
The vacuous accumulation is secondary
Yet the insipid lives of leisure led by offspring of the Master of the Universe
Contribute emotionless and non-critical functions
Aside from money-driven pursuits of the lazy turds
The fleeting fixation of fame
Leads to sensory overload
Lack of peripheral vision,
Leads to more susceptible to occultism
The grotesquerie of the bourgeois hypocrites
And the undecipherable messages flaunting their fake lives on the internet,
Yet flailing miserably in every day real life situations
Spilled cups of coffee, delayed flights, crawling traffic
Old Jewsish lady that smells like cat urine who cuts you in line at the supermarket
While you're buying Clif bars and Sobe iced tea
You're invisible to her
Yet my unblinking curiosity wonders
"If I kick her in the side, would she feel it?"
The improbabilities of myself not getting incarcerated greatly rise
She consumes Old Grandad while dreaming of a freedomless state
Faulty autonomous fecundity
Incestuous convulsions leave automatic scrap marks
Junkies redefine the act of living
Splatter of blood, from a poorly fixed shot of pure heaven
Missed the spot
Kick start vicious cycle again
A broken record, a skipping CD
Caught in a time warp
The next fix matters
More than the last
More than world peace or 75 home runs in a single season
All worthy moments our society deems worthy of recognition
Mostly drug aided
Another dull celebrity dominated the marketplace
While the incendiary ones are kept the wheels greased in the promotional machine
Swiftly swaying, public sentiment
Dodging the ire of the cabal running Hollyweird
The cultural function of all participants in the City of Sunken Angels is to
Walk three blocks to find parking
Praying no tickets will pepper the windshield
Returning scanter swagger
And the tipsy walk down a not-so crowd streets
Wrinkled pigment
Prophesies ensemble distortion
Spoiled waywardness
Romping sensibilities
Congenial negativism
Irrelevant pristine purses
Mutant squids living in the darkness of a distant ocean crevice
Perennial dissertations
Gazing ineptitude
Neurotic traditions
Brilliant flashfloods
Sonic kinkiness
Celebratory seduction of Tom Jones
The dying tradition of masses in Latin
Downtown modern art, cackling at silk tears
Whispering falsettos, the horrible chord progressions
Mellow syllables, brash jive talk
Seventeen familiar stanzas repeated on a street corner
The jargon of a used-car salesman
Spinning the folklore
Blocking the vistas
Ambushing the minstrels
While arming the polemics
As the twitchy schizophrenic forgets where he left his medicine.


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