Thursday, May 27, 2004

All In Magazine

I have amazing news. My blog, the Tao of Poker, was recently profiled in the inaugural issue of the new lifestyle magazine: All In. Although poker is the main content, there is plenty of other interesting things that make All In different from most poker magazines. Please visit their site and subscribe to All In Magazine, because I'm in it!!

But that's not all. I have been asked to contribute an article in a future issue. Yep, it will be my first freelance article in a magazine, so as you can tell, I'm very excited for the opportunity to showcase my writing skills. That's a better reason to subscribe to All In Magazine! Because I hope to be submitting an article very soon, maybe more than one. So, you won't want to miss out.

I got lucky. My friend, HDouble from The Cards Speak (a poker blog) wrote the article bringing attention to poker blogs called: The Viral Phenomenon of Poker Blogs. I was fortunate that he mentioned the Tao of Poker (along with Wil Wheaton's blog). Even better news, the six page article is located next to the Shana Hiatt pictorial (she's a model who's the hostess of the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel). Yeah, so I'm almost certain the poker blog article will get read right after they look at the pictures of Shana. Luck of the draw again. In his six page article, he mention several poker blogs, and we're all pumped for the exposure.

As you can tell, this is an amazing opportunity for me. I wanted to share the great news with all of you! I wish I had free copies to send out. But check your local stores or subscribe at their website to get home delivery of All In. And stay tuned for an article written by yours truly... most likely under my real name.

Thanks for the support... for a sneak preview of the magazine visit the website: All In Magazine.

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