Friday, May 28, 2004

Rance, A Hollyweird Blogger

There's a buzz in La-La land. Who is Hollyweird's mystery blogger? Here's a bit:
He skewers Hollywood and the cult of celebrity on an anonymous web log that has spawned a cult following. He claims to be an A-list actor, writing under a pseudonym, but admits he may not be believed.

Who, exactly, is "Rance"?

Could he really be, as some believe, Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey or even George Clooney?

The answer may perhaps be found somewhere in the entries on his blog which applies a trenchant wit and jaundiced insider's eye in chronicling the life of a Hollywood celebrity. Then again, it could all be a hoax.
Haley told me about this blogger: Rance. She thinks it's really Owen Wilson. Whoever he is... a real actor/celeb or a fake... it's an average blog. Heck, it's no... Wil Wheaton!

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