Saturday, May 22, 2004

I'm a Real Writer

John-Paul a Canadian poker blogger recently had this cool thing to say about me on his journal:
First off, thanks to Pauly at the Tao of Poker for linking this humble blog up to his site. If you think my random poker rants are typical of poker blogging, you're sorely mistaken. Pauly's a real writer who plays poker, whereas I'm just a dude who plays poker and writes about it. And, as you can see from my grammar, me not the greatest at this writing thing. Computer engineering major, okay. I only had to take one communications course in university, and it was pass or fail. Not really an environment that pumps out great writing talents. Anyways, I've gotta get off my lazy ass and update my links page to include these great poker blogs that have given me shoutouts.

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