Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Maudie Speaks On My Fame....

Regarding last night's encounter with a fan, here's what Maudie wrote on her blog:
Chris H & Al are on the rail. Pauly is acknowledged for his blog by a coupple of players at the table - he's famous. I'm not.
I'm not making this stuff up. Heheheheh. Visit her blog to read the rest of the chat that I forgot to blog. Here's some more from Maudie:
It's cold in my corner - rags, rags, nuthin' but rags- but, wait! Woo hoo - AKsooted - drat - the flopped missed me and my steal attempt failed--- got played back at by Mr. E - Pauly just made a big bet - sez he had QQ (Hilton sisters)...hmmmm...
For the record, I was holding Nicky & Paris in the pocket... yeah, I had a pair of Queens! And some final banter:
[Maudie_B wins $25]
Pauly: nh
Maudie_B: tks - sig & roy
Pauly: im not cool
Maudie_B: ?
Pauly: whats sig roy? Q-?
Pauly: QK
Maudie_B: sigfried & roy
Maudie_B: costumers
Maudie_B: interior designers
Pauly: QQ?
Maudie_B: bingo
Pauly: lol i prefer nicky & paris
chrisdhal: me too
Maudie_B: I'm sure you do!

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