Thursday, May 20, 2004

Idiot Runs Up $28K Tab at Scores

Topless Tab Tops $28K is an article in today's NY Daily News. Poor sap denies the charges! Who can you trust? A guy who ran up a $28,000 bill at a strip bar? Or the strippers who overcharged him for 300+ lap dances, with 12 ctrippers at atime grinding their goodies!! Holy ape tits, Batman! He bought several bottles of top shelf, $3,200 champagne. Here's his bar tab from that night:
350 lap dances @ $20 a pop = $7,000
5 magnums of Clos Du Mesnil @ $3,200 = $16,000
Food, Alchohol & Tips = $5,000
Total = $28,000
I wanna party with this guy! Actually, what a fuckin' stupid retard. I wanna get this guy at a poker table.

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