Saturday, May 08, 2004

Aren't You That Poker Blogger?

It's been a weird week. Earlier this week, I've was recognized on Party Poker everyday for three straight days by players and devoted readers of the Tao of Poker. They all happened to have blogs of their own. Monday it was Bruce. Tuesday it was Lou. And Wednesday, it was Tilted Litt. And Maudie saw it happen twice this week. Here's what she had to say about it:
Mr. Pauly was recognized - again for his blogging fame. He's becoming quite the celeb! The guy had even used his bonus code! Good one, Pauly!
I've been playing great poker ever since May started. I think that there have been a steady flow of new players on Party Poker and that means more fish for us sharks. I posted my first winning week in a very long time and I'm closing the gap in my bankroll... I'm hoping this run continues.

Today, I played with Al Can't Hangover who kicked some as today. It's always fun playing with Al. Did you know he's a guest bartender near Philly? Yep and he takes Monkey Boy with him. And some of the local ladies apparently read my poker blog. Sweet. They like Boy Genius too it seems. Thanks for the shout out Al and Monkey Boy.

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