Monday, May 10, 2004

The Sports Guy and The OC

Thanks to Al Can't Hang, who sent me the link.... No Playoffs, No Problem. Here's a bit:
When I passed my friend's "OC" sentiments along to the Sports Gal, she practically clotheslined me for the tape. And as we watched it ... I mean, sometimes you just know. People will always watch a show if it includes the following things:

1. Rich people doing rich things
2. An outsider watching rich people do rich things
3. A premise just ludicrous enough that you have a good time making fun of it ... and yet just believable enough that it doesn't undermine the whole show
4. At least two good-looking chicks.
5. Luck with the actors
6. A random, ridiculous fistfight for no reason
7. Just the right dose of Unintentional Comedy
It's a hilarious read for sports fans and The OC fans alike. Enjoy.

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