Monday, May 17, 2004

A Writer's Binge...

I am so far behind in my writing... I have too much to do, in a very short time. Here's a short list of what I need to write ASAP:
1. Complete the issue, then write 3 Truckin' short stories (Vegas, Subway, & Miami)
2. The new edition of 11 Questions... I'm working on the answers for the May edition
3. An essay for the Tao of Poker called My Trouble Hands: AQo
4. Parts II through V of Home Grown
5. A Memorial Day Speech for the American Legion that my Uncle has to give.
6. An article for All IN Magazine on poker home games.
7. Write Up of the Poker Bloggers tourney from last night.
As you can tell, I'm swamped! And I write a min. of 2 hours every day... as part of my daily routine as a writer. I've been up since 6am today... working on some of the above, and then some. This past wekeend, I have been working on some of the new templates for my other sites.

Some of my listening music this morning has been:
1. Lady in Satin by Billie Holiday
2. Anthology Disc 1 by John Coltrane
3. Egypt 1979 the Grateful Dead at the Pyramids!
More to come.

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