Monday, May 10, 2004

Pimpin Al

Al Can't Hang makes me laugh. His blog isn't just about poker... he admits his blog is about: Random thoughts about Poker and booze. But mostly booze. Here's a bit of his last entry:
Friday was a lovely day. Sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I was getting out early to hit the deck for some cocktails. Everything was right with the world. Then at 3pm, the heaven's opened up with a storm of biblical proportions. So instead of drinking, I went to the park for a walk and got reacquainted with nature. Eff that. It never rains in the bar.
That stuff is pure gold. He also write about being recognized in public for his blog. After all, Al Can't Hang is a local celebrity in the greater Philly area. Here's an example:
Then I step into the twi-light zone. Pauly has mentioned being recognized on PartyPoker for his blogging prowess and it's happened to me a couple of times also.

While minding my own business, a table full of guys and girls called me over. By name. I don't think I know them but I meet so many people at the bar, it's always a possibility that we've hoisted a few shots together. They proceed to ask if I'm Al from It stunned me a little but I answered to the affirmative. They started laughing and ordered a huge round of double SoCo's.

The three guys (sorry, don't remember your names, I was a tinsy bit intoxicated) had been to my website and were readers of this crappy blog of mine. They were asking questions about stuff I had written previously and just wanted to say hi, and lift a shot.

I gotta tell ya, it kind of freaked me out. The perceived anonymity of writing these entries combined with some of the bile purging that often occurs made it really weird to be recognized publicly. But I have a reputation to uphold. Bring on the shots.

And if I'm going to be recognized in public, why couldn't it be the Swedish Swim Team or at least a roving band of wayward women?
Check out his site. It's hilarious. And if you see Al Can't Hang in a bar near you... make sure you buy him a shot of SoCo!!

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