Monday, May 10, 2004

Sunday Morning Poker: 139th out of 1139

Very strange. Yesterday I was busted out of a NL multi-table tourney on Party Poker. I came in 139th out of 1139 players. Those multi table tournaments are a friggin' grind. The last 12 tables (1st thru 120th place) paid cash. I missed out by 19 spots. Winner got $1139. Second place got $666.

Early on I doubled up against the big stack at my table with a pair of Queens (aka the Hilton Sisters)... Nicky & Paris and looked solid until I ran into a pair of aces when I had A-K.

I played with Al Can't Hang, who did very well... coming in 555th place. I'm not making these numbers up. Ah, oh well... I recalled when I stopped playing these thousand person multis, because they are a crap shoot. It was a nice way to kill time while I ate breakfast, watched Meet the Press and checked my voicemail.

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