Wednesday, January 19, 2005

5 Google Referrals

How about another list of fives? All the lists involve Google referrals to the Tao of Pauly since Jan. 1, 2005. Some funny stuff out there.

5 Most Recent Random Referrals (NOT Scarlet Johansen or Paris Hilton Naked)...
1. Herm Edwards "You play to win the game."
2. Angelina together with Brad
3. Bluto Animal House quotes
4. Buying crack in Atlanta
5. Bikini ice cubes

5 Most Recent Sex Related Referrals (NOT Scarlet Johansen or Paris Hilton Naked)...
1. Old women sex pics
2. Shana Hiatt nude
3. Jesus butt plug
4. San Diego hookers
5. Licking Angelina's feet

5 Recent Random Poker Related Referrals...
1. Poker lessons NYC
2. Illegal card rooms NYC
3. Max Pescatori "The Italian Pirate"
4. Shana Hiatt Playboy pictorial
5. Cheating on Party Poker

5 Random Phish Related Referrals...
1. Trey oxycontin
2. Coventry setlist
3. Cars trucks buses
4. Page's new shirt
5. Naked pictures of Phishy chicks

Top 5 All Time Google Referrals...
1. Lindsay Lohan fake boobs
2. Paris Hilton naked
3. Tara Reid boob slip
4. Phish blog
5. Scarlet Johansen naked

Thank you Paris, Tara, Lindsay, Mike, Page, Fish, Trey, and Scarlet.

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