Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday's Gone

I'm sick again and the worst time too. I have a ton of shit to write; my recent trip to visit Senor in Rhode Island, the new issue of Truckin', an article on poker player Johnny Chan, Vegas trip reports, the third draft of Gumbo, my infamous The OC write ups, and I wanted to post some of the email exchanges I have been having with one of those Nigerian scam artists. I'm also in the middle of a bad run at the poker tables. I played well in a few home games two weeks ago, but this last week I played awful online and was subjected to a run of bad luck at Foxwoods. Whenever I'm in a slump, I want to get back in the game as fast as possible. With the heavy workload and failing health, I don't have the energy to grind away for a few hours online today.

Alas, that shall not happen now. I woke up yesterday feeling under the weather. I watched the Knicks game and by the time the game ended, I was full on sick. The added frigid temperatures last night didn't help. This is a good gauge about how sick I am... last night I did not get high. I did not play any poker. And I did not write.

I just had some chicken soup and I hope that will help a little bit. I feel about the same, which means I've gotten used to the sicky feeling and I'm frustrated. I tried to write for a little bit, but the nasal drip was irking me. I'm currently watching/listening to Trey Anastasio Band from Austin City Limits. The Joker was at that show! I think it's kinda freaky to listen to shows I've attended. To see the video of a show I went to is even weirder. I was at the Phish show with Heather and my Japanese friends, Yuh and Jun, in Las Vegas (9.30.00) that they used for the Phish DVD... Live in Las Vegas. To this day, it's one of my favorite versions of Mike's Song. That Vegas show, on Trey's birthday of all nights, featured a lot of random goodies like a favorite song of mine that Phish rarely played... I Saw It Again. Trey also flubbed the lyrics on Esther. I dunno if it's the last time the boys busted out Esther. But it was the last time I heard it live. And I was digging a cover of the Rolling Stones tune Emotional Rescue for the encore.

Anyway, back to Trey Anastasio Band. Here's the setlist from the show:
Night Speaks to a Woman, Drifting, It Makes No Difference, Mr. Completely, First Tube
Mr. Completely is a song that's a big hit or miss. Sometimes the jam is not fun. They did a good job this time. Drifting is one of my favorite Trey band tunes so I was pumped to hear it played. I think it's funny that a lot of my friends that are not into Phish like Trey Anastasio Band better than Phish. Part of me is like, "Phish is 100 times better." That doesn't translate too well to them. At any rate, seeing Austin City Limits made me miss Phish for sure. At least Widespread Panic will be back touring again.

By the way, this Trey show from Radio City rocked! It's worth the $10 bucks to download.

Recent Phish Shows I Listened To...
1. Miami, FL 12.30.03 Set I
2. Fukuoka, Japan 6.14.00 Set II
3. Philadelphia, PA 2.23.03 Set I
4. Binghamton, NY 12.14.95 Set I
5. Deer Creek, IN 8.13.96 Set I and II

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