Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Solar Garlic Starts to Rot

I watched Paris Hilton on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I wish I could get those fifteen minutes back. She just sat there, like a dead fish. I wonder what SNL will be like this weekend? We'll get a chance to see her acting chops.

I'm little sad to see just a half-assed tribute to Johnny Carson this past week on the Tonight Show. They could have done a much better job on that.

I might have to rent the Katie Holmes smash hit... First Daughter. I saw the commercial and she wears a bikini. I'm sold.

Anyone else irked that Paul Giamatti got snubbed this year?

I was woken up this morning by a call from Iggy. He had shoulder surgery yesterday and is down and out for a little while. Anyway, we chatted for what I thought was like 20 minutes and it turned into a two hour conversation. Man, I never talk that much on my cell phone in one week... let alone one morning. I hate talking on the phone. It's one of my least favorite things to do. Anyway, Iggy gave me a little encouragement and I will be pursuing a couple of random freelance writing offers that have come my way. I might as well take advantage of my recent popularity of my poker blog while the few offers are coming. Hey, in the end I need the money. It feels weird that I will have made more money from writing this month than from playing poker and gambling. That's the first time this has happened in well over a year. To think, if I wasn't sick and stubborn, I could have made more money. And imagine if I wasn't on such a shitty streak playing online at Party Poker. I think I would be going to LA this weekend.

I have been bogged down with writing a bunch of different things everyday for the last week or so. I realized that I had to make an actual hour to hour schedule in order to better organize my time. Yeah, it's gotten that bad. At least I got out Truckin' before the last weekend of the year.

The good news is that something I wrote for a Dutch site was accepted and will be published in the next few days. A wire transfer for payment will soon follow. Getting paid in Euros baby. The guy was impressed with my first article and would like to turn this into a weekly thing for the next month or so. Steady work as a writer. Very nice. It's hard to find work in America, but the good old Europeans will pay me to write, so I guess I need to be a little less harsh on the Eurotrash. If they only had a decent health plan, I'd more to Amsterdam in a heartbeat.

Which makes me wonder... should I move to Amsetrdam or Las Vegas?

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