Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Marty Beckerman's Email

One of my favorite writers, Marty Beckerman, sent me an email a few weeks ago! Here it is:

I found your blog through a Feedster search for... well... myself, and was pleasantly surprised to find that you've been reading my work. Hope you enjoyed it! Nerserian's a pretty good writer too, although "the fuck-up" probably could've had 50 pages cut out of it.

Yeah, if you don't know Marty Beckerman wrote Generation S.L.U.T. and I was impressed with his vocie for someone in his early twenties. That was one of the books I read just before I penned Gumbo. I'm sure a little bit of Marty rubbed off on my work. I was excited to see one of the authors who inspire me (who is still alive at that) take the time to write me. Pretty cool of him.

Here's what I wrote back:

Marty, you fucker!! Thanks for checking out my blog. Next time you are in NYC, give me a ring. We'll smoke up and raise hell!

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