Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sick TV

So I'm still sick and I subjected myself to flipping the channels. Here's what I was watching last night.
  • 7:08pm EST... ESPN: Collge hoops action. Michigan State takes an early lead against visiting Purdue.

  • 7:15pm EST... CNBC: Watching a rerun of Conan O'Brien. His guests are Jennifer Love Big Tits and the Crocodile Hunter.

  • 7:33pm EST... ESPN2: More college hoops. Wake Forest is getting whooped by FSU.

  • 7:47pm EST... TNT: I watch the last bit of Law & Order. Gary Busey is in the guest starring role. I ordered Chinese food (Chicken in garlic suace) as the credits role.

  • 8:01pm EST... The N: I'm pumped for Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's the ecstasy episode. It's the last day of school and some of the Canadian kids with funny accents wanna try E.

  • 8:24pm EST... ESPN and ESPN2: Wake is still down by 12. Michigan State is up by 7.

  • 8:32pm EST... The N: Back to back episodes of Degrassi as my Chinese food arrives. Very nice. I'm offically hooked on Degrassi: The New Generation. If you have never seen this series, ome of the orginal cast members from Degrassi Junior High reprise their roles this time as adults. Snake and Joey... but where the fuck is Wheels?
People do this all night after work, five nights a week? Yikes. I would love to be swimming with the fishes on Party Poker or working on the new issue of Truckin', instead I'm killing vital brain cells watching the boob tube.

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