Sunday, January 16, 2005

Suggested Sunday Morning Reading

Top 5 Sports Attention Whores is an interesting random sports list. I dunno about some of those picks. Buy Joe Willie Namath definitely gets on my list!

Russian Blonde sells virginity online. Another story about a girl selling her cherry for cashola on the internet. I got my bid in. Gotta do something positive with the poker bankroll!

Privacy Limited in Public Restroom is compelling story about a court case involving pot heads, cokeheads, and trying to get it on in a 7/11 bathroom. Here's a bit:
Hill was arrested after a clerk called police to report suspicious activity, a man and woman entering the store's one-person unisex restroom. When police arrived minutes later, according to the ruling, the couple twice failed to respond to knocks, and someone inside locked the door after an officer unlocked it. The two finally emerged — Hill with his pants undone — after the officer unlocked the door a second time. He was arrested after he re-entered the restroom, and marijuana and cocaine were found near the toilet.
Hold 'Em, Fold 'Em, Cheat 'Em is a story about cheating at online poker. It's rigged anyway, so why cheat?

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