Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another Review: The Blind Kangaroo

Armando sent me an email the other day. He finished one of my novels The Blind Kangaroo. Here's what he had to say:
Sorry man, it totally skipped my mind. I actually finished your book the same day I wrote you the previous e-mail extolling it's worth!

No doubt a fine ass piece of work. (plus.. it should help you land some fine ass!) I especially loved the scene where he goes to the (prep school) banquet. Your description of all the characters circling the room was excellent. Not to mention the scene he causes. Also... let's not discount your use of the word cunt later in the novel. I love that word and love seeing it in print! :) Office workers being Alabama chain gang prisoners is a fantastic... and true image. His bar hopping reminded me of a character from Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful And Dammed" which is by far one of my favorite novels. All in all... way good read and well written.

Congrats, great work!
It's always great to get feedback from people I respect and admire. I'm glad he liked The Blind Kangaroo. It's my second most favorite work that I've done.

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