Monday, January 10, 2005

Congrats to the Tao of Poker

My poker blog won a few awards for excellence in 2004 in the poker blogging community according to the first annual Prof Awards given out by the Poker Prof.

The infamous Silver Prof Award

The Tao of Poker took home the Silver Prof Award. Here's what he wrote:
Pauly is a wonderful, verbose writer and the key organizer of the first major poker blogger gathering, the WPBT Holiday Classic. Updated almost daily, his blog is always on top of the community.
Congrats to HDouble for winning the Gold Prof Award and to everyone else who were recognized.

I was also a runner up in a few categories including Biggest Community Contribution and the one that surprised me the most... Most Insightful Blog. Here's what the Prof said about that matter:
Pauly often offers insightful strategy and reflection quoting from the masters on trouble hands and examining various aspects of play.
Yeah, I feel bad about winning that one when there are plenty of more insightful blogs out there. I really wanted to win Most Humorous Poker Blog award! But congrats to Bill, BG, and Al Cant Hang for getting recognition.

At any rate there are dozens and dozens of bloggers who deserve more recognition than me and those are the folks who inspire me. Thanks to everyone in our community (my brother, Iggy, Felicia, and especially Grubby) and special thanks goes out to the Poker Prof and his crew over at

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