Friday, January 21, 2005

Stoned Cockfighters

Get High on Marijuana, Fly and Fight for the Trophy is your marijuana article of the day. Here's a bit:
Over 300 birds, high on marijuana, fight as thousands of spectators goad them with drum beats and cymbals at the annual harvest festival in Hajo village.

Bird fights, using the red-vented Bulbuls, a 20-cm-long bird of the Pycnonotus Cafer family, are an integral part of the Bihu celebrations at Hajo, with residents training the birds for a fortnight prior to the event.

In the two-day festival that concludes Saturday, at least 300 intoxicated birds are coaxed to fight each other by their temporary owners for a trophy and a cash reward of Rs.1,000.
Damn. I wonder if I can find a line on stoned cockfighting in Vegas.

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