Monday, January 17, 2005

Lucky Grubby

Here's yet another reason why I wish I was Grubby! He moved to Las Vegas after quitting his job in DC to play poker full time. Here's a bit that he wrote on his blog:
Not to disparage and generalize the fine folks of Las Vegas, but I'm glad I didn't grow up here or I'd probaby also be butchering the English language. And as attractive as you might be, the cuteness of bad grammar wears thin fast. My own grammar ain't the best, but I know the difference between came and come. 'Course, with the Adult Video News expo going on this coming weekend, perhaps she had other things on her mind
In the meantime, he got to attend the AVN porn convention in Vegas and took some amazing pictures. He posted a few collages on his blog.

Lucky dude

Grubby got the autograph of one of my favorite adult stars. Oh man.

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