Sunday, December 28, 2003

More Miami...

I was in Miami less than 24 hours... I met up with an old college buddy Shappy, Jerry and I hit the Miccosukee Casino to play poker three times, we went bowling (Jerry bowled a 208 and I notched a 154), and ate breakfast at Jimmy's on Biscayne a local hangout for Maurice Gibb (as told to me by Sarah). Man oh man and that was just my first full day in Miami! Today it's gonna be a relaxing day at home watching football... the Jets play in Miami! And then I'm off to Phish tonight to meet up with some old freinds and hit a few post-Phish parties in South Beach... wow, I'm getting super pumped. My mind was on poker the last 24 hours that I almost forgot about Phish! I hope the boys bust out some cool shit tonight like Gotta Jibbo or Slave to the Traffic Light.

Anyway, so far I am down $35 after playing poker for three total sessions. 90% of the players are Hispanic and everyone is speaking Spanish at the tables. Jerry is doing a lot better than me... he's up. We took Shappy for two sessions and he's quickly picking up the game. He did very well for a first timer. At breakfast yesterday, I gave Sarah the lowdown on a crash course for Hold'em. She's a good seven card stud player, but never played hold'em. She did great! She won $5 during her one session. At one point, when she raised the pot, guys were folding... out of respect because she had been playing great hands all night and winning sizable pots with them. At on epoint, I had pocket Aces (A-A). I was rasing whenever I could especially when another ace fell on the flop. Srah kept calling me and when I saw a third heart hit the board, I though I might be in trouble. I raised anyway and Sarah called me. She turned over her hand to show a medium flush. It was good enough to win, and I was wicked pissed. That was the second time my pocket aces did not hold up yesterday, and I grew disgusted with yet another bad beat (there must have been almost a dozen yesterday... it was insane, the shit poeple were catching on the river to beat me.) Anyway, in disgust, I threw y cards down at the table, and at that point everyone knew I lost on A-A. It wasn't upset with Sarah, after all... I tutored her on how to play. Itt was the cards that I was irked at... but a few hours later, I'm happy she played extremely well. They're hooked!

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