Sunday, December 21, 2003

Sick Pauly? Cold in NYC?

I'm under the weather during a friggin' cold weekend in NYC. I wanted to go see The Cooler with Haley this weekend, but because of my failing health... and the fact that I had to help my brother move into his new apartment, limited my time to do some stuff this weekend. I am sluggish today. I wrote for a little bit, but I want to crawl back into bed and sleep until my flight leaves for Miami on Friday. Senor has off tomorrow and wants to go to Foxwoods to play some poker. Ah yes, poker... I played a little yesterday on where my buddy HDouble got rocked yesterday in just a few hours (lost $700). Yikes! But I played for an hour with my brother in his new place. And I got to watch some of the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel yesterday night before the JETS game. I'm getting pumped for my trip to Miami... to see Phish, Jerry, and to play poker!

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