Monday, December 29, 2003

Phish in Miami: What the media has to say!

1. 'It's a lifestyle': Phish Heads jam city for joyous show is written by Howard Cohen and appears in the Miami Herald. Thanks to Sarah for pointing it out to me!

Here's a bit: "There was a familiar smell drifting in the air at tent city and inside the arena (if you have to ask what it was, you aren't a Phish Head); outside, balloons filled with nitrous oxide went for $15 a pop (go up, up and away . . .); fans traded tapes of previous Phish concerts; and opportunistic vendors hawked pungent, grilled items."

2. Phish Reel in the Fans is an article written by Sean Piccoli.

Here's a bit: "Also plentiful was a less regulated trade in cigarettes. Travelers sold cartons and single packs to raise money for their tickets, gas, food, lodging and adventures in Miami. Scraps of overheard conversation suggested everyone on hand, whether they carpooled or flew, was finding their own fun: "Free soap! ... Tickets! ... We just made friends with a homeless guy!""

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