Sunday, December 14, 2003

NFL Best Bets Week 15

Live from Las Vegas, I'm doing the picks of the week. I'll be heading over to the Mandalay Bay to put money on my picks. I put my money where my mouth is. It's easy to say I like this team or that team. But when you actually fork over cash for your pick, it's much different. There's a ton more pressure.

Pick of the Week
Chicago Bob (9-5-1): Indy - 7 1/2
Rib Boy (8-7): Indy - 7 1/2
Tao of Pauly (6-10): Philly +2 at the Fish
Zobo (3-2-2): Philly +2 at the Fish
Jodd (2-1-1): Jags +7 at N.E.

Last Week: The Jets suck. Jodd took his first hit of the year. Bob is looking good.

Week 15: Rib Boy likes Indy and the Rams. Bob likes Indy. Zobo likes Philly +2. Jodd is going with the Jags +7. I like the Rams, New England, Philly, and Cincy.

Parlay of the Week: Cincy - 2 1/2, New Orleans - 7 1/2, Rams - 7 1/2, and KC - 14 1/2

Rib Boy's Beating of the Week (3-9): KC against the lowly Lions

Tao of Pauly Upset of the Week (3-9): Houston

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