Monday, November 07, 2005

I Almost Went Crazy

The best thing that happened on today was discovering that a magazine mailed me a check. It was my biggest check to date for a single piece of writing. They said it was "in the mail" last week but I thought that was just a line and I assumed it wouldn't arrive until sometime next year. Whoooooo hooooo! I haven't even seen my article. Now if I can get the damn UK Racing post to cut me a check from across the pond, then I'll be feeling a little bit better.

The worst thing that happened today was that I had to mail out a check to pay off the remaining bit of past due taxes. Uncle Sam sent a letter to me bitching baout $31 that I never paid for 2003. Sweet Jebus. I think I'm finally caught up with all my back taxes. I paid off two credit cards at some point this year. I only have one now and it surrently has a small balance after I bought some early Christmas presents along with several business expenses that I am awaiting for the funds to arrive so I can pay it off. I'm nowhere close to clearing some other outstanding debts, but it does feel good that I paid off the credit cards which have been raping me in interest along with getting Uncle Sam off my back. My next goal is to tackle my poor payment history with the student loan corporation. Last time I checked, I think they sold my debt to the Russian Mafia. So now I have to pay off a couple of tough guys from Brighton Beach in order to achieve something I never thought would be possible... becoming 100% debt free.

G-Money posted a review of the Trey Anastasio Band Cincy show onto my Phish blog. Take a peek. Good stuff. I'm seeing Trey on Tuesday in NYC so I can't wait. On Friday & Saturday, Galactic comes to town. Then on Sunday, I head up to Rhode Island to spend a week with Senor and the family. I'll be working at Foxwoods Casino during the days.

Everyone's favorite malcontent elevator button heiress is back in town. She even posted something on her blog which she promises she will use for good instead of evil. We hung out in the city last night for the first time since early May. I missed the diner near her apartment. They make the best chocolate shakes.

I'm going to take a break from blogging sometime this week. I'm burnt out on poker and blogging. I need a break from both. I might go see a flick or two with Briana. Who knows? I also have to finsih the damn Vegas book.

That's it for now... I have to play in a big tournament tonight... one of the biggest that I've played in since the WSOP. With a prize pool expected of over $20,000 fiirst place pays over $40K, or roughly what the avergae American makes in one year. I've een playing very solid poker over the past few days, let's hope I can make the money and even make a final table!

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