Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Outside Providence and Tuesday's Gone

It was a grey day with light showers when I woke up in Rhode Island. I got up early and watched cartoons with Jodd before I headed back to work. I ate breakfast at Crackel Barrel this morning. It's about halfway between Providence and Foxwoods on I-95. Molly used to work at one in Texas and I used to give her shit all the time about working in a cracker factory with Milhouse's dad.

Anyway, Cracker Barrel southern style country cookin' and the breakfast rocked. I got my standard Fremch Toast with extra crispy bacon. I love bacon that's so crisp that you hear a cracking sound when you bite into it, yet melts in your mouth immediately. The hashbrowns were near perfect. Plus they serve sweetened ice tea. I was in heaven for 35 minutes. I think the waitress was hitting on me. She had a nice smile, but her hairy upper lip and the fact that she was bigger than David "Big Popi" Ortiz was a complete turn off. She must have been pumped I left a $3 tip on a $7 meal.

Speaking of Big Popi, all the local media is trashing A-Rod for beating out David Ortiz as MVP of the American League.

Last night I lost almost $200 playing low-limit drunken poker with Brandon Schaefer and two other pros. It was fun and they were running over the table. No one there knows that they were pros so it made the table even more fun.

I missed back-to-back Knicks wins. Man, as soon as I go out of town, the boys pull off two wins. Fuckin' A.

I was up late writing and only got a few hours of sleep. I hope I'm not here too late tonight! But at least I ate a hearty breakfast!

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