Monday, November 14, 2005

Outside Providence - Day 1

The drive from the city to Rhode Island was super fast. I think I made record time. No traffic on I-95 or the Hutch was the key. Plus the rental car agency had no more economy/compact cars. Instead I got a convertible with Massachutsettes plates. Go figure. And the fucker is fast. Really fast. I should never be given the keys to a fast vehicle. I found myself smoking a doobie, jamming out to Galactic (from a Mardi Gras show from Tipitina's earlier this year), and driving 90 mps as I marveled at all the different colors of leaves as they swooshed past me.

I watched football with Semor and Jodd and the little one is outta control. He runs around half naked, just like his old man used to. And he loves running around in circles on their outdoor deck which overlooks a magnificent lake/pond. I showed Ang some pictures of what I do for a living as a tournament reporter. We went to eat at Freindly's where we had a very long talk about life throwing you curveballs and like any great major league baseball player, you have to adjust quickly or you're fucked. I discovered that my possible trip to Thailand has been put on hold. Now we are cosndiering Belize, Brazil, or Peru. I also left a very generous tip to our college-aged waitress. It was my way of saying, "Hey honey, I'm new in town. How about a blow job in exchange for that 40% tip?"

This morning I nearly punctured my right foot when I got into the shower. The culprit was a Sponge Bob Squarepants doll which Jodd left in the tub. Everyone went to bed around 10pm and the insomniac in me watched the moon's reflection in the pond for a while. I downloaded a few poker sites to Senor's computer and played poker with Jaxia, Eva, April, and Change100. I didn't do so hot overall. Maybe I can make it back at the tables at Foxwoods!

OK, I'm off to work. Have to drive to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to cover a World Poker Tour event. Time to grab some donuts and yank a freshie for the ride.

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