Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Outside Providence Tales

I have a rare day off. That never happens int he world of poker tournament reporting. Here's what happened... the World Poker Tour scheduled a special event for today at Foxwoods and it got canceled. So I have today off and will return back tomorrow at 4pm for the taping of the final table. Although I am going back later this afternoon to play some pokah!

Last night, I played at Foxwoods and trolled around online. A well-known pro (name withheld) offered to stake me in one of the highest games I've ever played (20/40) at Foxwoods. And I lost one of the biggest pots of my life. Hey, at least it wasn't my money. When some stakes you, they pay for your buy-in. If you lose, they absorb the loses. And if you win, you split half your winnings with your backer.

Last night, I ate dinner at Amy Ruth's which is Southern style cooking, with a bunch of folks in the media. Amy Ruth's is infamous fried chicken and waffles. I got the daily special... Jerk Chicken with two sides... mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese. BJ ordered like 5 or 6 things.

I finally got some sleep after logging a few 16-18 hour days of blogging, writing, and picture taking. This morning I got to work on my book, then I caught up on some email, follwed by writing a Truckin story. It seems as soon as I get one issue out, there's the deadline for the next issue.

Senor lives on a huge pond/small lake and it finally stopped raining long enough for me to actaully take the laptop outside to write. That was pretty cool. I'm calling this place Jodd's Pond in homage to Walden Pond.

Getting pumped to see Trey with Senor on Saturday. Should be fun.

For now, I have a few freelance articles that are due. Back to the grind.

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