Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patty's Day and Day 1 of March Madness

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone out there. Last night I played in what might end up being the last ever home poker game at the Blue Parrot, which is a huge part of NYC poker history. It was a good-bye party of sorts to me since I'll be on the road for six weeks starting next week, in addition Ferrari is selling the Blue Parrot. Which means that when I return to NYC in May, we'll be playing at the Blue Parrot II. I had a good night and I'll post the recap of the event on Monday to my poker blog.

Here's a quick glance at the leaderboard in the Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool:
Top 8 Leaderboard thru Day 1:
1 Marlboro and Lungbutter (AlCantHang) 160
2 Like DWright at 3rd (Spider1) 150
3 Damon's My Bitch (Spider2) 140
4 Fear and Arrogance (Landow) 130
4 Strippers and Blow (Pauly) 130
4 Good Little Monkey (Gracie) 130
4 Black Tar Heroin (S. Lovelace) 130
4 Fook Dook (ScurvyDog1) 130
All hail AlCantHang who had a perfect Day 1 with a 16-0 run! I'm hanging around the top of the pack after going 13-3, but it's still early. Spider is in great shape with 2nd and 3rd place after a stellar day 1. I got slaughtered betting on the games yesterday. I went 1-1 in my big bets. Monatana prevailed but Gonzaga only won by 4 when the spread was 7. They were up by 6 and Adam Morrison missed a crucial free throw with 4 seconds remaining. They allowed Xavier to score an uncontested layup as time expired to kill the game for me. The Zags didn't cover and I felt a stinging sensation in my testicular region. I ended up going 2-5 overall and now I'm in the hole.... $470 at the start of day 2. I need to make it up today! Let's hope Derek's alma mater can pull it out today. Buckell is my horse on St. Patty's Day.
Today's bets:
Bucknell +5 ... Won
Kentucky -3
Cal +2
Iowa -7 ... LOST
Arizona -1.5 ... Won
Kansas -7.5
Pitt -6.5
S. Illinois +5 ... LOST
That's it for now. Go out and have a great weekend. Go get drunk. Get laid. Get into a fight. Drop acid and take a walk in the park. Go read a book and try to win some money on Party Poker!


2:45pm... Bucknell holds on for a 59-55 victory over Oklahoma. Too bad Northwestern State drilled a three-pointer with 0.05 seconds left to send Poker Geek's team Iowa home after a first round upset.

2:56pm... OK, Bucknell kicked ass today and it always feels great to win your first big bet of the day. And Arizona won, but Iowa lost. I started the day 2-1. If Iowa didn't blow their lead, I'd be 3-0 and unstuck! But I also had a second bet on Bucknell... I took them with the money line +180. So I'm +260 for the day so far.

5:20pm... Finished the afternoon games 2-2... +150 overall today. The Salukis of S. Illinois could not upend West Virginia. I still have four open bets left.

9:22pm... I suck. NC State edged California by more than 2 points and I slipped to 2-3 today.

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